DALLAS (KDAF) — Although Texas boasts hundreds of freshwater fishing hotspots, some catch on with anglers more than others.

And in the Rio Grande Valley, where saltwater fishing reins supreme, there’s still some who cannot resist the lure of adventure inland to new fishing destionation. So where should you go in Texas if you’re looking for a catch of bass, crappie and catfish.

A report released by Trips To Discover answers that question, and the hotspots closest to the Rio Grande Valley include Falcon Lake and Lake Amistad.

The report says: “From crappie to largemouth bass, white bass, and catfish, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious collector, you’ll find countless places to enjoy a day out on the water. Combining scenic views of lakes, rivers, streams, and creeks with outdoor adventures, here are some of the best places to go fishing in Texas.”

Caddo Lake

the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department calls this place an “East Texas treasure.” This 25,000-plus acre lake and wetland sits on the Texas border with Louisiana in northern Harrison County, southern Marion County and into western Louisiana. Does it sound large? Although it has natural origins, a dam built in the 1900s only made it ever larger.

Choke Canyon Reservoir

Four miles west of Three Rivers, this lake sits in both Live Oark and McMullen counties and covers 25,000-plus acres. The predominant catches include largemouth bass, catfish and alligator gar, according to the TPWD. But you can also reel in white bass, and sunfish.

Lake Texoma

This lake is filled with water impounded from the Red River along the Texas-Oklahoma border, northwest of Sherman-Denison, west of US 75. Its surface area covers nearly 75,000 acres. The predominant fish here include catfish and bass, but you can also catch crappie and bluegill, according to TPWD.

Lake Amistad

This South Texas reservoir lake is on the Rio Grande, 12 miles northwest of the border town of Del Rio in Val Verde County. The reservoir lake covers approximately 65,000 acres, and anglers catch largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and catfish, TPWD states. Other catches include white and striped bass.

Lake Fork

This northeast Texas lake is on the Sabine River in Hopkins, Rains and Wood counties, five miles northwest of Quitman, Texas, The lake covers about 27,000 acres, and the predominate fish species include largemouth bass, white and black crappies, and channel catfish, according to TPWD. Other fish include white bass and sunfish.

Lake O’ The Pines

This East Texas fishing destination is on Big Cypress Creek in the Cypress River basin, 25 miles northeast of Longview, Texas. The lake is just shy of 20,000 acres, and the best catches include largemouth bass, spotted bass, and catfish, according to TPWD. Other catches include white bass, crappie, sunfish and chain pickerel.

Cedar Creek Lake

This north Texas lake, 15 miles west of Athens, Texas, covers about 32,000 acres. TPWD officials say anglers can expect largemouth bass and three kinds of catfish: blue, channel and flathead. Other fish include white and hybrid striped bass and crappie.

Falcon Lake

This international reservoir lake on the Rio Grande is 40 miles east of Laredo on Highway 83 in Zapata and Starr counties. The reservoir lake covers a vast 83,000-plus acres, and TPWD officials rate the fishing as excellent for largemouth bass and catfish. However, the fishing is not as great for the other fish species found here, which include crappie and white bass.

Guadalupe River

As the first river on the list, the Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill Country is a swimming and tubing hotspot. The fishing also ranks high, according to the Trips to Discover list. The acclaim is deserved given its opportunity for trout. If the fish aren’t biting, there are plenty more things to do at Guadalupe River State Park, northwest of Bulverde, Texas.

Colorado Bend State Park

In Central Texas, the list features another river hotspot: the Colorado River. The state park offers camping and cave tours, along with fishing.

Devils River

The Devils River winds through southwest Texas near Del Rio, and the beautiful, pristine-like clear water makes it a top destination in Texas. Nestled among canyons, this is a rugged destination offering a true wilderness escape.

Blanco State Park

This Blanco, Texas, river destination is part of the state park system and has a winter trout stocking program. If you want the details in the form of a fishing tip sheet, the park has you covered.

Sam Rayburn Reservoir

On the Angelina River 15 miles north of Jasper, Texas, this vast 114,000-plus acre lake has largemouth bass, crappie, catfish and white bass.