According to the Federal Election Commission, Texas is the second largest state donor behind California, contributing a total of $35.3 million to the candidates running in the 2016 presidential election.

“Everything is bigger in Texas,” political consultant Mark Nathan said, “and so are the political donors.”

Nathan said historically Texas has been a big financial donor for presidential candidates. compiled the top five state donors for the 16 registered presidential candidates running in 2012. Texas appeared on 12 of the 16 candidates list.

“ In 2012 we gave 300 million dollars to both presidential candidates combined,” Nathan said, “that was probably a third of all the money that was given in that cycle.”

Of the $35 million donated this election cycle, roughly $28 million are contributions to Republicans, and $7 million are contributions to Democratic candidates.

“It’s a republican state and has been for 40 years.,” Nathan said. “There’s no big surprise that a Republican presidential candidate would garner a lot more money than a Democratic presidential candidate would.”

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton received the most money from their party’s contributions in Texas. Cruz acquired 54.6 percent of the Republican Party, and Clinton secured 83.7 percent of all the Texas contributions to Democratic candidates.

Cruz and Clinton were also the two front-runners in Texas, according to the most recent University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll.

“Money doesn’t always exactly equate to votes,” Nathan said, “but it’s a pretty good reflection of where the support is among voters.”

*All numbers are according to the Federal Election Commission.