EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — On Wednesday Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Chip Roy talked about their two-day South border tour that started in Bernie and ended in Edinburg, Texas.

During the tour, Cruz and Chip spoke with stakeholders, border patrol agents, local law enforcement, and elected officials.

“The consensus across the board is what is indisputable — there is a crisis at our Southern Border,” Cruz said. “I’ve been coming down to the border for nine years… I have never seen a crisis remotely as bad as it is right now.”

Cruz said that it is a “manmade crisis” due to decisions made by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The senator said that three decisions made by the administration caused the crisis, the halt on the border wall construction, re-instating the “catch and release” policy, and ending the “remain in Mexico” policy.

Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Chip Roy. held a press conference after a two-day Sothern Border tour. PHOTO: Sal Castro, ValleyCentral

On Aug. 25 the Supreme Court denied President Joe Biden’s attempt to end the “Remain in Mexico” program. Psaki said the State Department and DHS are in talks with the government of Mexico to re-implement the program.

Roy discussed two main points, hope, and warning. He explained that hope lies within Border Patrol agents, law enforcement that goes to work even though the lack of resources.

“What we heard most from the ranchers… Is what they can try to do to try to help those who are coming across and dying on their ranches,” Roy said. “These are good American people trying to do what is right.”

He said the warning is regarding “an administration that cares more about politics and playing games than people.”

“Where [is the Biden administration] when we are talking to ranchers that are getting overrun? Where are they when we are talking to people getting put into human trafficking, sex trafficking?” Roy said.

Cruz explained that during their tour, in less than an hour they encountered a group of 33 migrants attempting to cross the river. He said that one of the traffickers began taunting Border Patrol on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande.

Watch the full press conference below: