Lubbock water utilities moves to generator power ahead of possible blackouts

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Many Texas counties, like Abilene and San Angelo, have not had access to water throughout this cold weather, but Lubbock’s water department is working hard to make sure it keeps flowing to your homes even if the power goes out.

“We have both the power grid and the emergency generator capacity to make sure that we keep water flowing into your homes,” said Aubrey Spear, Director of Lubbock Water Utilities.

The city has switched to backup generators, which run on diesel, to ensure that even if the power goes out, the city would still have running water. When there were reports of possible blackouts, they took steps to make sure what happened to other Texas counties did not happen to them.

“We went ahead and proactively took most all of our water treatment and wastewater treatment plants and pump stations off the power grid,” said Spear.

However, it is critical to make sure you are taking care of your plumbing so water can make it to your home. It is important to take precautions in older homes with crawl spaces – where cold air can circulate under the home and cause pipes to freeze and burst.

Plumbers recommend folks let their faucets constantly drip and to keep any exposed pipes heated and insulated.

“If the walls aren’t insulated properly, you really got to try to counteract that with your heat inside, you know, turning your thermostat up to maybe a little bit above your desired temperature,” said Johnathan Fulcher, Master Plumber with Jay Young Plumbing. “Opening up cupboards underneath sinks, any kind of vanities or anything like that will help that heat radiate back into that wall and keep things from freezing.”

In the event of a pipe burst, knowing how to shut off your water immediately is important. There is usually a switch along the road in front of the home or the alleyway behind it.

If you have any concerns about how to shut off your water, learn how to do so before there is a pipe burst. You can call a plumber, and they’ll help you figure it out if you’re not sure where your home’s switch is.

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