HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — Governor Greg Abbott discussed state efforts in a tele-town hall conference on Tuesday.

Topics ranged from first and second amendment rights to anti-abortion bills and securing the border as well as the result of defunding the police, and election laws.

Abbott discussed his decision in protecting Texans first amendment right, after local governments shut down churches at the start of the pandemic.

The passing of the constitutional amendment will prohibit any government from limiting one’s ability to go to church in the future.

“Never will any government at any level will limit your ability to worship God,” said Governor Abbott.

Governor Abbott continued the press conference by discussing the laws he signed to protect Texans’ right to self-defense and the second amendment.

Abbott informed listeners that Texas is a constitutional carry state. This allows individuals over the age of 21 to carry handguns openly or concealed without obtaining a state-issued license, prohibiting if they are not excluded from possessing a firearm by another federal or state law.

Additionally, Abbott spoke on making Texas a second amendment sanctuary state. “Protecting Texas and Texans from any type of federal overreach as it concerns your second amendment right.”

When it comes to abortion, the Heartbeat bill passed by the Governor bans abortion as soon as a heartbeat is detected in a fetus.

Abbott told the public he fought to protect the most precious freedom of all.

“The freedom of life itself. I signed a law to ensure that any unborn child with a heartbeat will be saved from the ravishes of abortion in Texas,” said Governor Abbott.

As for the border, the Governor discussed current efforts to secure land for construction and enforcement efforts by state troopers.

The state has put a 250 million dollar down payment towards the border wall construction.

Governor Abbott continued the conference by discussing his disappointment in Austin when defunding the police.

As a result, Abbott has signed a law that will “ensure that any city that defunds the police will face harsh penalties that will make it financially impossible for them to continue for them to defund the police.”

Lastly, Abbott spoke on election laws and the protection against voter fraud the state is taking.

It is now a crime if local election officials do not remove dead voters from voter roles. Voter fraud penalties have been changed from a misdemeanor to a felony.

“Voter fraud is cheating. It’s illegal and will not be tolerated,” said Abbott.