AUSTIN, Texas (KVEO) — Governor Greg Abbott wrote a letter to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris asking them to designate Mexican Drug Cartels as foreign terrorist organizations.

“I urge you to take immediate action to combat the dangerous and deadly Mexican drug cartels,” reads the Governor’s letter. “These cartels bring terror into our communities. They smuggle narcotics and weapons into the United States to fund their illegal enterprises. They force women and children into human and sex trafficking—enriching themselves on the misery and enslavement of immigrants.”

The letter includes background on drug cartel activity. A release from the governor states the activity of drug cartels passes the three-part test, which is listed under Section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

It is stated that for an organization to be designated as such, it has to be a foreign organization, must engage in terrorist activity and that terrorist activity threatens the security of the country.

“Designating Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations will give [the Biden Administration] new ways to fight back.,” reads the letter from Abbott.

This is the fourth letter the Governor has sent to the Biden administration asking them to address problems at Texas’ Southern border.

Abbott’s letter also mentions the state’s work in launching Operation Lone Star, which focuses on combating illegal activity at the border, has led to the arrest of 800 individuals and seizure of over 3,800 pounds of marijuana.

“These trafficking operations not only bring dangerous contraband into our communities, but they also fund these Mexican drug cartels, which enables them to continue terrorizing innocent lives,” reads the letter.

To read the entire letter addressed to Biden and Harris, click here.