RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Travis Scott is facing another lawsuit from a concertgoer who was injured at the Astroworld festival where eight people died and hundreds sustained injuries.

On Monday, Austin resident Kristian Paredes, 23, filed a suit against Scott, Drake Live Nation, and the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation for “inciting a riot and violence” that led to Paredes suffering “severe bodily injuries.”

In Paredes’s complaint filed Monday, he accuses the performers and promoters of acting negligently and not preparing responsibly for the events at Astroworld.

The complaint states Paredes was at the front of the general admission section of the concert and felt a push shortly after Scott took the stage. Parades says in the lawsuit that several people begged security guards for help but states they were ignored.

Parades goes on to charge the organizers of the event for allowing and encouraging the premises to become overcrowded.

The plaintiff states he received no warning prior to the event that this situation would occur.

The lawsuit states Paredes’s injuries, some of which are permanent, have had a serious effect on his health and well-being. Paredes faces multiple expenses for his injuries and will require further medical care for treatment.

Paredes is seeking over $1 million in monetary relief in the lawsuit, which his legal team demands take place at a jury trial.

Scott and Live Nation, among others, are already facing another lawsuit in Harris County District Court from another attendee who suffered injuries. This person is also seeking $1 million in damages.

On Friday, Scott headlined Astroworld, a two-night festival featuring dozens of rap and pop artists, where eight people died and hundreds were injured when they were crushed in the crowd of over 50 thousand.

Scott has pledged to pay for the funerals of those who died at the concert, which he organizes once a year, but multiple lawsuits are still expected to be levied against Scott and the promoters.

This is not the first time Scott’s concerts have led to legal issues for the rapper. In 2015, Scott pleaded guilty to reckless conduct charges after he encouraged fans to jump over the security gates at Chicago’s Lollapalooza.

Scott plead guilty to disorderly conduct after police say he incited a riot and arrested him after a 2017 Arkansas concert.