Harlingen, Texas (KVEO) – Visitors in South Padre Island are stranded at hotels without power. Customers said hotel staff left without notifying the guests.

At the Light House Inn on South Padre Island, customers are stranded without a car, electricity or water. 

Credit: KVEO; Pictured Marsha Kessel and Stephany Philip’s set-up in their room

“There’s no staff…the staff abandoned us,” said Illinois resident Stephany Philips. 

The guests visited South Padre Island from Illinois to escape the cold, only to find themselves in a terrible situation.

Credit: KVEO

“I can’t find anyone to answer the phones anywhere,” said Philips and friend Marsha Kessel.  “We are in bed trying to stay warm with two to three layers of clothes on.”  

KVEO made calls to multiple hotels Including the Light House Inn but received no answer from any or them.

Credit: KVEO

Other guests staying at the hotel are from Minnesota. They said they were able to get a room elsewhere by booking the room online. 

“Right now, we are headed down the road to the Ramada to rent a room so we can shower,” said hotel guest Bill Gusdafson.

Other customers said the hotel staff did not leave any information or extra blankets.  

Credit: KVEO

 “Nobody has been in the office, nobody has came-up or offered any help,”  said Minnesota resident Jack Markwalter.

Credit: KVEO

Philips and Kessel attempted to get a room at the Ramada and were told there is no vacancies available.

As of Tuesday night, management from the Light House Inn has not returned our calls.