RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The annual RGV Special Olympics is on April 22. One longtime volunteer shared her experiences with the organization and her dedication to its athletes.

“They train for it, they go out there and just have fun and it’s a lot of fun,” said Elizabeth Morales who has been volunteering for the Special Olympics for close to 10 years. Morales talked about how she first got started with the organization and why she continues to stick with it.

“I actually learned about the Special Olympics because I joined an organization, the Health and Kinesiology Club in college. I was going to UTRGV and they constantly would help with all of these types of events, and it was just another event so I was like okay cool, I’ll go and volunteer,” she said.

After all those years, Morales comes back for one reason. 

“Being out there and just showing them support, and supporting them, cheering them on, seeing how excited and ready they were to go and get out there and show what they trained for with their off time, it’s just really rewarding seeing them,” said Morales.

Morales said every kid should be able to feel appreciated despite any disability, which is why she shares how rewarding it is to see them having fun.  

“It’s so fun seeing them and having them remember you from the previous years. Having them see you support them that’s really why I go and do it,” she said.

Despite the pandemic putting a pause on the Special Olympics, Morales said the kids are excited to be back.  She adds they are always in need of volunteers, the best way to get involved is to contact the RGV Special Olympics.