Space travel company sells out of $125 thousand flights for 2024 within two days



HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) – Forget blasting off into space, one Florida company wants you to gently float into the stratosphere.  

The week, Florida space travel company, Space Perspective announced that tickets for their balloon-propelled luxury spaceflight were on sale for $125,000. 

The flight is a six-hour trip where passengers will ascend 100,000 feet into the stratosphere in a capsule carried by a “space balloon,” collectively known as Spaceship Neptune.  

The eight passengers will hover in space for two hours and enjoy “the quintessential astronaut experience” before gently descending and landing in a designated body of water. 

The announcement followed a successful uncrewed test flight on June 18, that took place at the Kennedy Space Center.  

The test flight lasted six hours and 39 minutes and carried a payload that consisted of science experiments and art competition winners.  

Despite the steep price tag, the company’s website now states that over 230 tickets for flights in 2024 have already been sold and hopeful travelers will now have to wait until 2025 if they buy now.  

If you can afford the luxury experience of a lifetime, all you have to do is leave your $1,000 deposit for a single seat or $8,000 for the whole capsule.  

The company is also incorporating scientific research into the flights, as the opportunity to perform experiments at that altitude is not easily accessible.  

Until the commercial flights begin in 2024, the company plans on continuing to allow scientists the opportunity to carry payloads during test flights as they did earlier this month.  

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