Sexual assault allegations involving Sharyland Pioneer High School


MISSION, Texas – The Sharyland High School auditorium neared capacity during Monday’s board meeting where a dozen community members spoke up to address an alleged sexual assault involving high school athletes dating back to November.

Parents, former students, and employees of Sharyland ISD took close to two hours of Monday’s board meeting to call for answers to an alleged sexual assault involving members of the Sharyland Pioneer High School Swim Team.

“Why are these kids getting any kind of privileges? Why aren’t they in jail?”

The district is facing scrutiny for an incident that was reported last December regarding a swim meet in Corpus Christi in which a freshman was allegedly hazed and assaulted by seniors.

The case is being investigated by Corpus, not Mission, Police.

Among those taking the stand was Dante Flores-DeMarchi who graduated from Sharyland High School in 2017.

He said once he found out about the allegation, he took to Facebook to vent his poor experience with the school. Which he says involved many cover-ups for certain bad behavior and negligence in dealing with issues. He says he received responses from other graduates who say they experienced sexual assault or harassment as a student.

“It got a few shares, so I just thought I’d come up here and verbalize those stories, so they get heard which I know for a long time they probably haven’t been heard,” said Dante Flores-DeMarchi

He adds that during his time at the school he saw children of administration given special treatment if a rule was broken whereas other students were harshly disciplined.

“There’s such an incoherence when a kid of a teacher is involved in something minor involved in something like that that doesn’t affect other people. They give out cash prizes. What I want to know is where are the cash prizes for people that have information on a rapist that is being protected by the school?” said DeMarchi

Others who spoke called out inconsistencies and lack of transparency in a statement released by a board member earlier this week, adding if the board does not do its job they will be replaced.

“I think the way this has been handled is unacceptable. We deserve answers, we deserve transparency, the truth, accountability.”

Flores DeMarchi says he hopes as more victims come forward with their stories, current students are encouraged to speak out against any abuses so perpetrators will be held responsible and punished by law.

According to the superintendent, child protective services, Mission PD and the parents of those involved have been notified about this matter.

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