Throwback Thursday: Costumes Galore

Throwback Thursday

BROWNSVILLE, Texas – It’s been two years since the start of Throwback Thursday on KVEO. Eugene Fernandez from the Cameron County Historical Commission talked about that experience and the inspiration behind the weekly segment.

Fernandez said it began with his childhood. He said the propensity for somebody to think costumes or getting into an act like that doesn’t necessarily come with an acting career, it just has to be in your blood.

His first costume was at the age of four. His father gave him a suit of armor as a Christmas present. It was made from sheets of aluminum and rivets, it started Eugene on a life long interest.

The question was asked: Where do you get these costumes and props?

“Amazingly enough, a majority of the costumes that I utilize come out of my closet. I was in the antique business. I still am to a degree, and so I accumulated all of these things that are attractive to me and if I need a pirate’s outfit, well I just go to my closet and get it.”

When it comes to the most memorable moments on Throwback Thursday?

It was the first episode. He remembers it was at the Chapel at Mercy Hospital. He got out of his vehicle and the photojournalist came out of hers and she looked at him. He was dressed as a priest, she didn’t even ask, they just went on and proceeded to record.

Fernandez was fearful that the station would say no, that he was getting too radical, but it was accepted. The station liked the concept and so did the clientele. He said he got all kinds of calls and he said to himself ‘okay, so what’s the next one?’

One of the main reasons in the development of this weekly segment is that Fernandez wants it to be believable and enrich the story. There is a tremendous amount of history in the Rio Grande Valley and Fernandez says it would be more believable if you did it in costume.

South Texas is unique in all of the state for its areas filled with history. Fernandez says he wants to bring out an in-depth coverage of those stories that are very important to this region, so we may have pride in where we came from.

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