Throwback Thursday: A Vanishing Species

Throwback Thursday

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — The noble Cypress tree is a vanishing species. The cypresses that were planted along the resacas in Brownsville, Texas in the 1920’s. They were planted for a beautification effort and carried on by the Conservation Corps and the Works Progress Administration during the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

At that time Filmer Park, now called Lincoln Park, was lined with all kinds of rare trees. They were planted by the expressway. Then the city started cutting down the trees at the other end by 6th street. The neighborhood witnessed the cutting down of the trees and said, ‘no, you can’t do that.’ They marched on city hall and saved about three trees.

At one time, cypresses extended all the way from just about the mouth of the river up to Roma. During the steamboat times those trees were cut down in order to supply the steamboats with the wood in order to fire their boilers.

Cypress trees of this magnitude are indeed a vanished species. The question remains; have we gone too far? What was once here in the 1920’s was a lush, beautiful garden that was built and cared for by the citizens of Brownsville. Now only one remains and it is our legacy.

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