Santa Rosa working to lower flood severity


SANTA ROSA, Texas (KVEO) — Flooding continues to be a huge issue in Santa Rosa, each year some resident’s homes are inhabitable during hurricane season.

In Santa Rosa, many people have left their homes because of flooding and loss of power, as heavy rain over the weekend caused extreme damage in parts of the city.

Daniel Garcia has lived in his home for years, Hurricane Hanna caved the roof in his bedroom. He said each year the storm gets worst.

“Every time it floods or rains it has always affected us,” his daughter translated from Spanish.

From the outside, his home is surrounded by water. The area is prone to flooding but city leaders tell us the weekend rain was not as bad as before.

“We have been working digitately to reduce the impact of flooding,” said City Administrator Jared Hockema.

Santa Rosa has expanded drainage south to the La Placita neighborhood a few years ago. Now, there are pumps on the levies to move the water into the floodways.

“If you compare the outcome of the last weekend to what happened in the past. It’s evident that the water is moving much better,” said Hockema.

Leaders said they applied for a grant to have permanent pumps in the city, there’s also a regional effort to help reduce flooding in the area.

“Try to establish a draining district in our area because we do not have a drainage district in the area so that is one of the issues that we come into with this lack of outsource,” said Hockema.

For Garcia, he has a plan B until the weather improves.

“He doesn’t know when the water is going to leave so we’re going to be staying as someone else’s house,” said Garcia. City leaders also said they’ve been working with residents to lift their homes.

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