Sandbags available for seniors and those with disabilities


BROWNSVILLE, Texas (KVEO)- With the potential of severe rain, many cities in the Valley are distributing sandbags to the community.

Armando Gutierrez, director of Public Works for the City of Brownsville said any chance for severe rain means preparing ahead of time and helping those in the community who can’t physically carry sandbags.

“Last year, we had a lot of bags that were delivered to our seniors and people that just had special needs that couldn’t make it either because of their disabilities or other means,” said Gutierrez.

They’ve already been receiving calls from residents asking for help and they anticipate more calls in the coming days, according to Gutierrez.

“The call center will then forward the work order to us and then we’ll coordinate either someone will make arrangements to deliver the bags to that particular address,” said Gutierrez.

The number for the call center is (956) 546-4357. Gutierrez said residents should have an ID and proof of disability. As far as who delivers the sandbags, Gutierrez said a lot of it is done thanks to volunteers. 

“Volunteers that want to help out so we’re hoping this happens again, some city groups or other non-profits organizations that may step up and offer to help,” said Gutierrez.

Once residents receive those sandbags, Gutierrez shares some tips in order for those sandbags to last longer.

“Please hold on to the bags for the entire season, don’t use them now and then discard them or put them on your flower bed,” he said.  

Gutierrez adds those sandbags could last for multiple years if they’re kept out of the sun. He also asked residents to clear out any trash they may have on their driveway or around their home to prevent any flooding from happening.

We also have a full list of sandbag distributions happening around the Valley.

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