Rio Grande Valley voters react to voter restriction bills


RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (KVEO)- Senate Bill 7 was designed to eliminate drive-thru voting as well as add heavier restrictions to mail-in voting–one RGV voter told KVEO, “In a way, it will affect us. It always does.”

Along with the elimination of drive-thru voting, the bill was supposed to prevent “taking the easy way.”

Another RGV voter added that with mail-in voting, it opens the door to fraudulent voting and that “you don’t know if that person really mailed in that vote or someone else is doing it for them.”

One concern this RGV voter had though is that it would negatively affect the elderly and disabled.

“I have my dad. He is elderly. He also has a hard time walking, but we make a point in helping him get there, walk him in and everything to do his thing,” said the RGV voter. “I understand some of them don’t have that help and they should be the only ones allowed to go in and mail in their votes.”

But she added that other than the elderly and disabled, everyone else should go vote in person.

When we asked other RGV voters if they thought this bill might affect the RGV, they told us that this bill will “eventually affect a lot of people” in our community.

Senate bill 7 failed in May, however House B3 and SB1 are the new versions of that failed elections bill.

On Monday, Democrats in the Texas Legislature walked out of the state in the midst of a special session — in another revolt against a Republican-led overhaul of election laws.

In 2003, democratic lawmakers traveled to Oklahoma for five days to kill a redistricting bill.

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