Richard Moore Outdoor Report: El Valle


RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas – Some call this unique region the Rio Grande Valley while others refer to it as El Valle. No matter what the name this remarkable corner of southernmost Texas boasts more diverse wildlife than anyplace in the Lone Star State.

It all starts with sunrise. As dawn breaks along the shore of Padre Island or deep in ranch country, this enthralling opening of day reveals the fascinating variety of wildlife that makes their home in southernmost Texas.

You might glimpse a rare Aplomado falcon welcoming the day as she stretches her wings, or spot an endangered ocelot peering cautiously thru concealing brush.

An unseasonably cool spring dawn in the Rio Grande Valley or El Valle, has wild turkeys smoldering in rich early morning light as steam rises off their bodies like smoke.

Perhaps, you will thrill to the throaty roar of an imposing bull alligator or pause to savor the sweet song of a tropical Altamira oriole emerging from her gently swaying basket of a nest.

A magnificent White-tailed hawk soars onto its ebony sheltered nest in the sprawling ranchlands, while a secretive buff-bellied hummingbird feeds her sole offspring tucked in a tiny cup of delicately woven fibers.

The clarion call of a Bobwhite quail cheerily proclaiming his territory from thorny chaparro prieto preludes fluffy summer hatchlings, while marvelously spotted fawns begin to appear in wildlands.

Tropical butterflies like the Mexican bluewing flit thru riparian woodlands, as a wary bobcat crouches to slack its thirst at a remote oasis.

Ripening fruit on prickly pear cactus entices wildlife to juicy tunas, and the countenance of this ground squirrel resembles that of a kid with a cherry raspa on a hot summer day.

The intimidating rattle of an aroused diamondback rattlesnake commands attention, while overhead a black-shouldered kite hovers expectantly.

With fall’s arrival White tailed deer reveal their newly hardened antlers and wintering flocks of Sandhill cranes greet crimson dawn with their primordial call of the wild as the year comes full circle in this remarkable corner of the world we call El Valle.

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