RGV pastor shares coming out story, hopes to inspire others


Harlingen, Texas (KVEO)—In the LGBTQ+ community, coming out can be extremely hard, scary, and even isolating at first. In the Hispanic culture, those feelings can be more intense.

A Rio Grande Valley pastor shares her journey with us. She says, coming out was anything but simple and easy.

Jessica Cabrera says she was closeted for most of her adult life, she recently came out in the year 2016.

Prior to coming out, Cabrera tells us she was suffering from depression and self-doubt. She describes it as a felling like she wasted so much of her life and energy.

“So much of my feelings and emotions were wasted on individuals that never reciprocated those feelings” she said.

Enter 2016, and Cabrera meets her would-be wife Belinda. “When I met my wife, and I felt the butterflies. I felt like…oh wow.. this is what love at first sight is talked about. This is what it feels like”

Prior to Belinda and 2016, Cabera said she never had a reason to come out and live her true self.

She now had the reason she needed. “The more I got to know her, the more I realized, you know what, she’s worth it. She’s worth me turning my world upside down.”

Cabrera’s coming out certainly turned her family’s world upside down. Her family even said “this isn’t you!”

Another road block for Cabrera. The good news – the bond she now shared with Belinda was undeniable and her family eventually saw that.

But, how would she use this experience to help others? That’s when Mount Calvary Christian Church enters the picture.

She felt right at home as soon as she stepped inside the doors. Little did she know, the next step would be pastor and president.

She’s now using her position and most importantly, her voice to share her story and to let everyone know, this church accepts you. God accepts you.

National Coming Out Day is celebrated every October with the usual LGBTQ+ pride celebrations preceding in June.

For more information Mount Calvary Christian Church, click here.

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