RGV joins fellow border city in border wall protest


LAREDO, Texas – Dozens sitting in silence at the Tres Laredos Park in a border wall protest organized by the Rio Grande International Study Center, or RGISC (RGISC).

Laredoans joined by people of the Rio Grande Valley, who arrived on a bus from the National Butterfly Center to lend their support.

Attorney and member of an anti-border wall coalition, Carlos Flores, says the silent river sit-in is the people of Laredo’s response to what is being done to their community.

“There’s nothing that makes someone more uncomfortable than when you’re silent. And silence is always something that happens after something very serious has occurred. And this is very very serious. So, the silence and protest of our silence is because we’re bringing attention to the seriousness, the gravity, of this idea of the border wall and what it means to our community,” said Carlos Flores, a No Border Wall Coalition member.

He adds the government should listen to the input of border communities instead of insisting on a crisis themselves.

“We’re from the border. We live here and we know that there is no need for this wall. And if we know that, why would anyone try to question that or believe otherwise?”

RGISC is suing the Trump administration for its reallocation of billions of military dollars to construct the wall and Jonathan Salinas from the Rio Grande Valley Sierra Club chapter tells us that the only way to stop the wall’s construction is for border communities to stand up for themselves and each another.

“If we want to defeat the bother wall, it has to be a trans-border effort. We really believe in solidarity across the border and that’s what we’re here to lend,” said Jonathan Salinas, a Rio Grande Valley Sierra Club member.

Flores says the city of Laredo will continue fighting against the wall, along with the Rio Grande Valley to amplify their voice.

“We have so much in common and we hope to continue to work with the Valley, all along the border with El Paso and other communities to fight this because it’s really a racist statement against our culture and our society as we are as a people here.”

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