HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A group of cyclists in the Rio Grande Valley are working to finalize the “Six Shooter Junction” trail at Harlingen’s C.B. Wood Park.

While there are several cycling trails throughout the RGV, David Hernandez, founder of the Valley Off-Road Bicycling Association (VORBA) said there is a lack of off-road trails for mountain bikers.

“We don’t have anywhere to ride unless we build trail and/or if we maintain the trails that we already have,” said Hernandez.

He said the Six Shooter Junction trail will help complete the 10-mile cycling trail system at the park, one of five trail systems VORBA continues to fight for.

Trails at C.B. Wood Park in Harlingen, TX

“Part of our organization’s mission is that we fight for green space, access to green space,” said Hernandez. “We work with municipalities that guarantee that we have continued access to green space like trails, like hike and bike.” 

Mountain biker Tom Kimbriel said each trail VORBA has created brings a unique feel. According to Kimbriel, the Six Shooter Junction trail will be a combination of advanced and beginner levels.

“We try to make it interesting; we do have color coded trails , the green is for the beginner and blue is for the more advanced rider but even on the blue trails if you don’t feel up to it there’s always what I call my escape routes which you can go around the really scary stuff,” said Kimbriel.

Hernandez said working on trails is a benefit for the non-profit because of the understandment on what is needed.

“We are also mountain bikers so we know what the trail looks like, the turns and how to space things out,” said Hernandez. “Looking for things like branches sticking out, making sure that it’s not dangerous.”

Like Hernandez, Kimbriel said the trails are a benefit for the community as a whole.

“There’s a lot of folks that are distance runners that like to run trails and we welcome those folks on our trails,” said Kimbriel. “I like to see whole families out here walking together.”

Hernandez said the ultimate goal for all completed trail systems is to provide a space where people can enjoy local nature and continue the love for the sport.

“You don’t have to go to Austin, you don’t have to go out of state to enjoy local scenery,” said Hernandez.

Because all trail work is volunteer based, Hernandez said VORBA is working on getting grants to continue with the making and maintenance of trails in the Rio Grande Valley. 

Hernandez said the goal is to complete the Six Shooter Junction trail before summer to prepare for the upcoming Showdown at the Arroyo race.

VORBA’s Flyer for upcoming Showdown at the Arroyo race

Both Hernandez and Kimbriel encourage those interested in joining or supporting VORBA’s mission to reach out.