Harlingen, Texas (KVEO)—Congressman Henry Cuellar, serving as the U.S Representative for Texas’ 28th congressional district, expressed concern about the surge of migrants in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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On Thursday, Cuellar released apprehension data currently taking place in the United States Border Patrol, Rio Grande Valley Sector.

Approximately 10,000 migrants have been apprehended within the last seven days and approximately 2,500 migrants have been apprehended within the last two days by Border Patrol agents.

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Border Patrol data show apprehensions are increasing monthly. In October 2020, there were 71,922 apprehensions. While in November, data showed 72,091 apprehensions. In January, data showed a significant spike with 78,323 apprehensions.

Credit: Customs and Border Protection

“We are weeks, maybe even days, away from a crisis on the southern border. Inaction is simply not an option,” said Congressman Cuellar. “Our country is currently unprepared to handle a surge in migrants in the middle of the pandemic.”

On Wednesday, Cuellar spoke to Border Report correspondent Sandra Sanchez and said U.S. Border Patrol agents are being sent to the region to assist.

“Migrants are illegally crossing, potentially exposing border communities to the coronavirus and putting us at risk,” said Cuellar. “Right now, none of the migrants are being tested for COVID-19 by Border Patrol.”

His comments prompted an outcry from Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who late Wednesday blamed the Biden administration on social media.

Cuellar said added border security personnel are needed to help manage the situation and are being sent to the region.

“As a border representative, I will continue to fight in Washington for my community to ensure they have the necessary funding and resources to properly care for these migrants and to keep American families safe,” said Cuellar. “I urge the Biden administration to listen and work with the communities on the southern border who are dealing with the surge of migrants.”