BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Across The Rio Grande Valley, members of the community are standing in solitude for the many lives that were lost and affected by the Club Q nightclub shooting.

Community leaders say the recent shooting that happened Sunday in Colorado Springs is heartbreaking.

“It’s always devastating to get news like this,” Brownsville City Commissioner of District 3 Roy De los Santos.

Local leaders say the many lives that were taken and affected by the Club Q deadly shooting will not be forgotten.

“But it’s important also from my perspective that we have to stand in solidarity to show that we are against this type of incident, this type of violence and more importantly we’re against the type of hate and bigotry and rhetoric that leads up to this,” De los Santos said.

De los Santos says it hurts to have something so tragic happen in our nation right at the end of Transgender Awareness Week and on the day of remembrance.

An event was hosted at UTRGV and supporters of transgender individuals say it’s important that no one is treated differently.

“Maybe if we let the people know that they’re human just like us they are the same just like us they bleed like us they have feelings they have mom, dad, brother, sister,” Ivon Avila said.

Commissioner De los Santos says hateful rhetoric and prejudice are things that spark violent actions toward one another.

“So it’s important because we seen the rhetoric ramping up in the last year and we know that is usually a precursor to acts of violence,” De los Santos said.

The community of Brownsville and more stands with Colorado Springs.

“As a community, we’re speaking very loudly that this is a community of inclusion and acceptance and equality for everyone, but we always have to be mindful that can in bold in those who hate,” De los Santos said.

There will a candlelight vigil at 7 p.m., Tuesday at Bar-B located on 635 E. 10th Street in Brownsville.