RGV Border Patrol Sector Chief Talks Apprehension Numbers


Nearly 1,700 undocumented immigrants were apprehended on Tuesday. It currently makes it the highest single day apprehension since 2014, according to U.S. Border Patrol officials.

Today, the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector Chief discussing the impact this significant mass migration influx has on our southern border.

Numbers are skyrocketing according to Chief Rodolfo Karisch. Over 100,000 undocumented immigrants were apprehended in the last three months in the Rio Grande Valley Sector. A significiant increase in comparison to last year.

“Last year agents apprehended 162,000 immigrants, this year we’re already at 130,000.” says Chief Karisch.

The chief adds over the last four weeks agents have apprehended 1,000 immigrants daily and calling out congress to change policies that are currently in place.

“Right now we cannot detain family units with children over 20 days. You also have TVPRA, which prohibits us from detaining children in our facilities beyond 72 hours. There’s also another agreement on criminal aliens which mainly applies to ICE, but if a person who is a criminal alien is identified and that country is not willing to take them back, we’re forced to release so there are some changes in law that we do need to make.”

Chief Karisch says additional resources like the National Guard and agents from other sectors are helping agents process immigrants hoping to alleviate the strain of resources taken away from the border.

“Well, exactly a problem that we need to educate the community on because we’ve had to take so many people off the line that it poses an officer safety issue. It poses significant security risks for us, as our country.”

According to Chief Karisch, if the current rate continues the sector is expected to apprehend over 260,00 undocumented immigrants by the end of this year. Agents say the Rio Grande Valley Sector is expected to surpass the last mass migration influx from 2014.

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