RGV Border Patrol facilities showing decrease in apprehensions


MCALLEN, Texas – A day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit, an invitation is extended to Local 23 News to tour the Urusla Processing Center in McAllen. U.S. Border Patrol saying they want to show transparency when it comes to day to day operations. Adding the facilities are no longer overcrowded.

A facility that has surpassed maximum capacity daily for a long time, is finally seeing a drop in the surge of migrants.

Dustin Araujo, Border Patrol Special Operations Supervisor, “Right now our numbers are a little bit lower, but as we said in the tour, things fluctuate.”

According to Customs and Border Protection over 43,000 migrants were apprehended in June in the Rio Grande Valley Sector, but in July the sector saw a dip with 7,000 less apprehensions.

Araujo says, “Border Patrol and our partners are working tirelessly to ensure that the detention numbers are at a manageable level which in recent months they have not been.”

For many years Border Patrol’s resources have been stretched thin and migrants have slept stacked up on each other. Today at the Ursula Processing Center, where the maximum capacity is 1,500 people, space was not an issue.

“The numbers right now are about 1,300 at this facility. That will change throughout the day.” Says Araujo.

Agents took the time to highlight that migrants are fed properly, given clothing, and are medically screened before being released.

The media walk through comes only a day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the respite center. Border Patrol tells us the timing is just a coincidence.

Araujo adds, “Our sector chief wants to stay true to his promise and we wanted to give the local community insight to what the centralized processing center looks like.”

During Sunday’s visit Pelosi assured she will use knowledge of these trips to improve conditions for migrants in CBP custody and help push for comprehensive immigration reform in congress.

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