Relationship tips on how to cope with your partner during quarantine


RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas – Stay at home orders continue forcing millions of couples to quarantine together. This pandemic will test a couple’s ability to listen and support each other through rough times, said Leticia Nering a Licensed Professional Counselor.

“The main topics that they should avoid is things about the past. If they can’t win then they bring in more ammunition from the past and try to knock the partner off balance,” said Nering.

Now more than ever, couples have power and control issues tied to ego where both want to win the fight, Nering added. She suggests before arguing with your partner, try reaching an agreement.

“And say you know what, we’ve talked about that before and every single time it’s brought us into a very bad place so how about we table that until we go see an counselor,” said Nering

It’s important to engage in activities you know your partner enjoys and love even though it isn’t your favorite, said Clinical Director of The South Texas Health System Behavioral Hospital, Joseph Garcia.

“While engaging in these activities share stories, prioritize one another let your significant other your prioritize them and cherish the time with them and make positive memories together,” said Garcia.

Being open minded with your significant other is important as those who bottle in their feelings put themselves at risk of being emotionally distant and begin to grow apart, said Garcia.

“It’s not what you said but how you said it, this is very true. Let be mindful that our non verbal behavior and our tone in a conversation can quickly guide the discussion into an argument even though the intent was coming from a good place,” said Garcia.

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