Recovering addicts gearing up to open 24/7 housing for men battling substance abuse


HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — The Connect Point Church in Harlingen offers twice-a-week group meetings for anyone struggling to overcome any type of addiction.

Spouses Priscilla and Isidro Soto host the sessions as a way of giving back to the community after their faith helped them overcome personal struggles. 

The Sotos have a history of crime and drug use and have shifted their lives in the right direction through the help of one another and the church. 

Priscilla dealt with drug addiction for years, but through faith was able to leave it behind. Once clean, she decided to further her education and now works as a nurse. 

Isidro spent 10 years trafficking drugs and spent five years in the Willacy County prison. He said he grew up in the church but strayed, so upon his release decided to make his way back. 

Throughout the years, the Sotos have helped dozens of people leave drug and alcohol addiction and other detrimental issues. Now they are taking the next step and opening a 24/7 6-month program for men battling substance abuse. 

Priscilla and Isidro have licenses in alcohol chemical addiction. Through the sober living recovery home, they are excited to help shape more lives and show people they can have a second chance. 

“Addiction did have me bound and that’s why we felt led to turn around and not just keep that story to ourselves, but to turn around and help people,” Priscilla said. “The classes are focused on the addiction, but we relate it to the Bible. That’s what makes it a little different, which is the most important thing — putting God at the center of your recovery.” 

Isidro said when someone has an addiction, it not only hurts themselves but those around them as well. Through the lessons, he aims to inspire people to make the necessary changes to better themselves and live a life of purpose. 

“I don’t see somebody that’s lost,” Isidro said. “I see potential. I see somebody that can get back on the right road. That’s what happened to me. I got back on the right road and now … It’s my passion to help these people out.” 

They expect to open the recovery home at the end of the month or early July and are currently taking applicants. They can only admit four people, however if someone is in desperate need of the program, they will help connect them to another recovery home in the country. 

While the instructors have overcome their battle, volunteers who have had addiction issues also help with the classes. 

Erika Sierra has been clean for over five years and says it’s in large part due to the support system of the church. She said getting started is the hardest part. 

“For me personally, it keeps me connected and united instead of going my old ways and straying,” Sierra said. “If I keep myself with my group and everybody from the light house, it keeps me in line.” 

She adds she sees herself in everyone who walks through the door and is still trying to rid themselves of addiction and hopes that through her sharing her story, they see that recovery is possible. 

If you know someone who might need this service, or you would like to help support the program, you can visit their Facebook page or call Lighthouse Recovery at 956-521-5620.

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