Record $10 million offered for ‘blood thirsty’ druglord


The Drug Enforcement Agency has placed several billboards across Southern California offering a record $10 million reward for the capture of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, a.ka. “El Mencho.”

LOS ANGELES (Border Report) — The Drug Enforcement Agency is offering a $10 million reward to anyone willing to provide information leading to the arrest of the leader of the Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel.

Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, known as “El Mencho,” is the main promoter of violence in Mexico, the DEA says.

EXCLUSIVE: Jalisco cartel continues bloody march to border despite extradition of leader’s son, experts say

On its website, the DEA lists Oseguera as its most wanted fugitive, calling him the leader of one of the most powerful drug cartels in the world and infamous for his “violent demeanor and blood-thirsty personality.”

Nemesio Oseguera Gonzalez, known as “El Mencho,” is number one the DEA’s Most Wanted List.

His daughter Johanna Oseguera Gonzalez was arrested in the U.S. last week and is accused of laundering money for her father’s organization.

Oseguera’s son Ruben, “El Menchito,” was arrested last year and is accused of helping run his father’s organization. Recently Ruben was extradited to the United States where he is awaiting trial

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