RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas – In a time of struggle we often look for a little levity.

Many are doing that right now all over the country and here in the Valley. But, while some students are posting videos of their musical progress, one teacher decided to go the comedic route and it’s receiving a huge response on social media.

As we watch headlines that tell of the doom and gloom stories of survival continue to draw our attention, and one PSJA teacher decided to take it a step further with a parody.

“My principal contacted me Wednesday night and said we’re having a meeting on Friday. When we have our meetings, she said I was wondering if you could do a song with the staff just to lighten the mood a little bit,” said Robert Sandoval, music teacher for Henry Ford elementary.

Sandoval wrote a comedic rendition of “I will Survive” and it became a hit on social media.

“When I usually get five or six likes on anything that I post, I think it’s over 20k now with friends that I haven’t heard of in years,” said Sandoval.

While this music teacher is keeping the beat alive with his comedic video, he knows it’s a tough time, maybe in need of a smile.

“It gets a little depressing being at home and not being able to go out. Not being able to see your students, your colleagues. of course, humor is what sometimes helps us get through things,” said Sandoval.

Sandoval said the principal originally asked him to do the Bee-Gees “Staying Alive” but the notes were a little too high for him.