Potential Tropical Storm Fred brewing in the Atlantic


HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) – The National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida is tracking the latest tropical system, Potential Tropical Cyclone 6, approaching the Lesser Antilles Islands and the Caribbean.

PTC6 currently has 35 miles per hour winds and is expected to become a tropical depression Monday night and likely Tropical Storm Fred on Tuesday.

The current forecast will then take Fred over Puerto Rico and near Hispaniola on Wednesday. The forecast then takes the storm north of Cuba, through the Bahamas, and towards the Florida Keys.

On Wednesday afternoon the storm is expected to remain a tropical storm as it interacts with tall mountains in Hispaniola and Cuba. Puerto Rico is currently under a Tropical Storm Watch.

Right now, this potential storm does not appear to be a threat to the Rio Grande Valley, but it is still Hurricane Season so we will have to watch it.

If we get a storm in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, we could be under subsidence of the far western side meaning a hot, dry start to next week from sinking air. That will depend on the storm’s position at that time.

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