Editors Note: The quotes in this article have been translated from Spanish.

HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — Pope Francis sent a video to Sister Norma Pimentel thanking her and the team for their work with migrants.

In the video, Pope Francis praises the work Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley has done and thanks them for taking in and helping migrants in need.

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He begins the video by letting Pimentel know he received the letter sent on March 3.

“Thank you for welcoming, for receiving those migrants that come looking a better life. Coming to progress, other come running away from true social hells,” said Pope Francis in the video.

He mention there are four things that must be done when migrants arrive.

Stating they must be welcomed, protected, accompanied and integrate.

“Thank you for all you do for those migrants that come asking for help to live with greater dignity.”

Pope Francis ends the video by stating he is with Pimentel and her team from the Vatican.

“I am praying for you…may God bless and I ask that you too pray for me.”

Pimentel spoke to KVEO on how the message made her feel.

“It’s so encouraging and so helpful, especially for all the volunteers and families who support the many families who are suffering here in the border,” said Pimentel. “To see him it just brings me a big smile. How he speaks to us how he wants to make sure that he is with us.”