TULSA, Oklahoma (ValleyCentral) — Tulsa police were able to locate a burglary suspect by his SpongeBob SquarePants shorts and socks.

Edward Price, also known as “Smacc Man,” was arrested in connection to multiple burglaries according to a post by the Tulsa Police Department.

Police received reporst of five different burglaries between July 23 and Sept. 13. In most of the burglaries, the front door was kicked in and electronics, guns and televeisions were stolen, police stated.

In several cases, police say that Price was seen wearing SpongeBob shorts and socks.

“When Price went to sell some of the items on Facebook Marketplace, the SpongeBob shorts and socks were also seen in the background,” police stated.

During the search warrant, detectives were able to locate the SpongeBob clothing in the dryer of Price’s apartment.

Detectives also recovered several televisions, cellphones, iPads, guns and ammunition. Many of the items have been returned to the victims.