Parents file grievance with Weslaco ISD after daughter allowed to drive home with concussion


WESLACO, Texas (KVEO) — Parents have continued to fight for their Level Three Grievance meeting with the Weslaco Independent School District (WISD) school board after their daughter sustained a concussion and was allowed to drive herself home.

“But they’re treating me like I’m nobody,” said Fernando Cabrera, the father of the former Weslaco East High School softball player.

Cabrera and his wife, Isabel Cabrera, said they have had to repeatedly try to get the school district to move on their case, and Cabrera says that he had to come to the media for help.

“We finally got the last grievance procedure level, which is Level Three, and that is because we had to reach out to the media to get help,” said Cabrera.

They said after their story came out, other parents came forward and have expressed they also feel that the school district has not been easy to speak with.

“They’ve just ignored us the whole time, we’ve done grievances; everyone has just put us to the side and ignored us, it’s taken us 60 days—it took the whole summer,” said Isabel Cabrera.

When KVEO asked for an interview with Weslaco ISD, they declined and instead sent this statement:

Weslaco ISD follows district policy in handling grievances and will not comment on pending grievances

Carlos Robledo, Public Information Officer of Weslaco I.S.D

However, according to district policy, the district is supposed to reply within 10 business days to grievances, and the Cabrera’s said that U.I.L protocol was not followed.

“Also with the U.I.L, according to their protocols, they were not supposed to send her home with a concussion, so that’s my big ol’ thing is that something could’ve happened to her on the way home,” said Isabel Cabrera.

Jessica Garcia has stepped up in helping parents and students file grievances with W.I.S.D because she said there are many who feel overlooked by the district. Garcia also says that her own daughter was treated poorly by her cheer-sponsor during her time at a Weslaco I.S.D school.

“A lot of the times as parents when we fail to speak up for our kids the treatment that we get is bad, poor treatment,” said Garcia.

On Monday, the Cabrera family wants to work to remove the athletic coaches in question, but the school board did not make a decision that night.

The Cabrera’s said they were told they would receive a call on Tuesday with a decision.

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