Officials question what prompted Trump to tweet: ‘California doesn’t want people coming over’ border


SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — On Monday morning, President Donald Trump tweeted that California “doesn’t want people coming over the southern border.”

He started the message by stating, “Mexico is sadly experiencing very big CoronaVirus problems.”

Some believe the president put out the message in response to a letter sent out by San Diego County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar.

San Diego County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar

In her letter, dated April 19, Gaspar asks for seven measures to help Mexico control COVID-19 south of the border and to keep it from spreading to San Diego County, where there have been a reported 3,927 positive cases, four times the number just south of the border in Tijuana.

“I am writing to ask for your assistance with a growing concern south of our border,” Gaspar wrote.

The letter also describes how hospitals in the southern portion of San Diego County have been seeing more patients from Mexico, something that has been disputed by San Diego County Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Wilma Wooten.

“The individuals being treated for COVID-19 in South Bay hospitals are U.S. citizens; cases from Tijuana and Baja California have not impacted the county hospitals’ total capacity,” Wooten said.

Gaspar’s letter has also been scrutinized by several people, including Mexico’s Consul General in San Diego, Carlos Gonzalez.

“I regret the spirit of your letter,” Gonzalez said in a tweet.

Another San Diego County supervisor, Nathan Fletcher, stopped short of pointing the finger at Gaspar’s letter, although he was critical of Trump’s message.

“It’s disappointing to see the president take good faith effort, actions to help one another and try to exploit this for a political point,” Fletcher said.

Gaspar responded, saying, “Suggesting the president’s tweet is in response to my letter is irresponsible.”

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