Newly elected Hidalgo County Court at Law Number 9 judge


HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas – For the first time a new position was added to the ballot this year, the Hidalgo County Court At Law Number 9.

It’s all in an effort to alleviate the caseloads in the county.

What makes this ballot different is that two new places were added this year, Court at Law Number 9 and 10.

This follows a senate bill that recently passed and tonight, Hidalgo County has a new judge.

“I’m excited. It’s surreal, this has been a long journey. I said that this win is for the people and I meant it. This is the people’s bench,” said Patty O’Caña-Olivarez, the newly elected Judge Number 9.

“So, we’ll receive a certain percentage of cases from the existing County Court at Law and so we look forward to tackling that battle next year,” said O’Caña-Olivarez.

Ocaña won nearly 60% of the early votes tonight, keeping opponent Abiel Flores out of the bench according to the County’s unofficial voting results.

Ocaña says she already has a program in mind when she takes the bench.

“I wanted to create a program for little girls to come into the courtroom so that they can see how it is to be empowered and how we can empower other women. Besides of course upholding the law and doing what we need to do to dispose of the cases on a very efficient basis.

Ocaña will be sworn in on January 1st, 2021.

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