Netflix to soon edit ‘Squid Game’ phone number after woman is bombarded with prank calls


The Netflix series “Squid Game” is played on a cell phone in a October 7, 2021 photo. 📷 ValleyCentral Staff

HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A South Korean woman has been overwhelmed by constant prank calls and messages after her number appeared in the hit Netflix series “Squid Game.”

The popular show, “Squid Game,” involves cash-strapped contestants competing in a series of simple challenges, based on children’s games for a huge cash prize. “Inside, a tempting prize awaits — deadly stakes,” according to the Netflix description of the show.

The last eight digits of a real phone number were shown on an invitation card given to potential players in the “Squid Game.”

Korean TV Network SBS identified and interviewed Kim Gil-young, a businesswoman in the southern county of Seongju, as the owner of the infamous phone number, reported CBS News.

Gil-youngs has received prank calls and messages in masses from viewers, many referring to the Netflix show. Gil-young told SBS that she could not change her number as it is used by her client.

Netflix urged fans of the show to stop pranking the woman, according to an article from CBS News.

The Reuters news agency on Wednesday quoted Netflix’s statement, along with Siren production house, saying they are “working to resolve this matter, including editing scenes with phone numbers where necessary.”

According to the news agency, Netflix and Siren both were under the assumption that showing the final eight digits of the cell phone number would not call a real number, as digits were missing.

However, they did not realize that they didn’t realize that when the numbers are dialed within the country, the phone system would automatically add the missing digits.

The makers of ‘Squid Games’ did offer Gil-young approximately $840 compensation, which translates to 1,000,813.80 South Korean Won. Gil-young declined the offer, according to Reuters.

The SBS network said she was later offered five times that sum, however, Reuters said both Netflix and Siren Pictures have declined to discuss any offers.

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