HARLINGEN, Texas – There has been an increase in mosquitoes which has made it hard to find repellent in stores. However, some natural remedies could keep them away.  

Dr. Cristel Escalona, Division Chief for Pediatrics in the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley says, “I’ve never seen mosquitoes so big in my life.” Escalona said, “Valley mosquitoes are very primitive.” 

People in the Rio Grande Valley are flocking to stores looking for anything to keep them away.

“Any standing water, there’s always an influx of customers asking for help to fight the mosquitoes,” said Leroy Moreno, owner of Moreno’s Feed and Pet store. 

Another way to keep mosquitoes out of your yard is to use Permethrin. 

Moreno said, “water based products like Permethrin”. 

Permethrin is the same product and Dr. Escalona says you can use it for other things. “People can treat their clothes with permethrin,” and “Citronella, Cider, and Eucalyptus” are other natural remedies you could use to repel mosquitoes, she said. 

Repellent is not limited to humans. Moreno says, “You take care of your family and take care of yourself but please remember your pets outside.”

Dr. Escalona did say if you get bit by a mosquito do not scratch it because you could get infected. If you are outside for long amounts of time, natural remedies are not going to work.