Miracle baby born on a cruise-ship


A Utah woman, six months pregnant, nearly lost her baby in a premature birth on a cruise this month.

The family’s dream vacation had become a nightmare but that nightmare led to a miracle they will never forget.

This is the story of little Haiden Morgan, whose recent arrival on this earth was quite the journey!

His parents, Chase and Emily along with daughter Chloe, were on a big cruise ship earlier this month, taking a 7-day trip through the Caribbean.

With Emily’s due date in December, her doctors cleared her for the trip.

But, the second night into the cruise at sea the labor pains began.

Emily says, “The doctor came over, looked at me and said, ‘keep your legs closed, don’t push because we are not porting for another 14 hours.  And I said, ‘I am pushing because this baby is coming, I know!'”

30-minutes later, the baby arrived.

But, the ship’s medical staff told Emily she had miscarried, and that the baby had died.

The Morgan’s were understandably shocked.

Emily says, “About 45 minutes after I had delivered, the two doctors came back in and said the baby was still alive, however, they didn’t expect him to live very long.”

Upon hearing that, the ship’s captain sped to San Juan, Puerto Rico, arriving 2 hours sooner than scheduled, which probably saved the baby’s life.

They spent three days there, and after many phone calls, the Morgans were able to get a jet to take them to a Miami Hospital.

Emily says, “His feet are 2 inches long and his hands are about an inch and a half.  His body length is about 13 inches, so he’s very, very small.”

Doctors and nurses call Haiden is a “micro-preemie”. But his lungs were fully developed, so his prognosis is good.

The Morgan’s are thankful for all the help along the way; it certainly wasn’t the cruise they were expecting!

Chase Morgan, the father, says, “Royal Caribbean has really been great just keeping in touch after we got into Puerto Rico, making sure that everything was running smoothly.”

The Morgans stay in Miami for the next month while Haiden’s condition improves.

He’ll then go to primary children’s hospital, where he’ll remain until December, the month he was supposed to be born!

A Go-Fund-Me site has been set up to help with medical expenses, along with a donation account named ‘Daiden’s Medical Journey.’

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