National School Choice Week begins


BROWNSVILLE, Texas – A series of rallies happening across the state for National School Choice Week.

Since 2010 groups visit the state capitol to raise awareness to education options such as private schools, home schools and public education. However, for the first time in 10 years the rallies are taking place in the Rio Grande Valley. Advocate across the state are looking raise awareness to alternative school options. From now until February 1st, over 4,800 events will be taking place in Texas School Choice Week.

Their goal is to show parents that multiple avenues are available when it comes to educating a

Priscilla Casas – EdChoice Texas, “Where does Texas stand on this issue? Because it’s a political issue. Break down each program to parents and help them decide and help them how to testify at the capital. How do we access these programs?

The national event is meant to highlight traditional public schools, charter public schools, private schools, among a few. Since 2010, groups from the region travel to the state capitol to voice support for their choice. However, for the first time in 10 years the rallies are happening in both south Texas public and private schools.

Casas says, “Everyone knows that private education is very expensive. I know that private education already gives so many scholarships and even that’s not enough for parents to afford. So this lifts everyone’s votes.”

For private schools like St. Luke’s, events like these gives them a voice in a region dominated by traditional public schools. The national movement looks to create positive attention on what makes a school unique and highlight why every student deserves an education.

Ed-Choice Texas will be hosting a legislative update on access to education this February 5th at St. Luke’s Catholic school in Brownsville.

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