MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar)- The Midland Rape Crisis and Children’s Advocacy Center launched an online fundraiser earlier this week to help bring a puppy home to its owner, a child sex trafficking victim.

The advocacy group said the victim, who had come to them for services, arrived with a puppy, but was unable to carry the pooch on the flight back home because the beloved furry friend wasn’t vaccinated. The victim had to leave the puppy behind, but MRCCAC was able to find a foster family to care for the pup temporarily. The non-profit, Fix West Texas, vaccinated the pup the next day, bringing the puppy one step closer to home. 

Then the group issued a call for help to get the pup to its forever home. And the community overwhelmingly supported the group’s efforts. In just 24 hours West Texans donated twice the amount of funds needed.

“We are grateful for their compassion and dedication to helping get us to this point,” the advocacy center said in a statement. 

MRCCAC said it has seen a dramatic increase in child sex trafficking victims in the recent month and the extra money from the fundraiser will be used to help raise awareness about human trafficking in the area; incidents like the one that first brought the puppy into the center’s care. 

Now, a member of MRCCAC’s staff is personally accompanying the puppy on its journey home and into the arms of its owner for some much-needed comfort.

Of the fundraiser, the group said, “We thank every person that liked, shared, and donated to our cause. As a community, we are capable of so much in the face of tremendous odds. We hope that this incident will bring a heightened awareness of trafficking in the Permian Basin. Every West Texan must know that they have the power to stop human trafficking.”