Mystery of the Mystery Machine in the RGV solved


EDINBURG, Texas – UTRGV student E.J. Salinas is your typical college student. But what is not typical about him is the van he drives. It’s his very own version of Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine.

As an 8-year-old fan of the crime fighting canine, he watched the show on VHS tapes. He says he always had a love for Scooby’s four wheeler.

E.J. Salinas, Mystery Machine owner, “I said well that’s a really nice vehicle I really like Scooby Doo. I would always say ‘One day I want that vehicle. One day God is going to give it to me.”

Ten years later his desire would become a reality.  The van he always wanted was up for sale in Donna and with a little help from his parents he got a big surprise.

“I was doing some homework I think at the house and then I go outside and I’m like oh my gosh! What I didn’t know it was mine they knew it was for sale then they told me yea it’s yours now.”

E.J. says there is no mystery for the van’s future he plans on keeping it forever and hopes to save enough money to remodel the inside. For now he says his Mystery Machine serves as an honorary symbol to the man up above that anything is possible and says he welcomes all the attention.

“Some people honk at me like when they are next to me or they will yell at me ‘Hey I like your vehicle!’ I forget I’m driving the Mystery Machine. I’m like ‘oh awesome’ and then here at school a lot of times people will ask for pictures or they will come around and they will say hey can I take a picture and I’ll say yea go ahead.”

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