Mission CISD requests four week extension for in-person instruction


MISSION, Texas – Mission Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) requested an extension for an additional 4-weeks to transition to in person instruction from the Texas Education Association (TEA).

Director for Public Relation and Marketing for Mission CISD Craig Verley, says the district wants to help ensure COVID-19 numbers decrease.

“We just don’t to contribute to the community spread issues and as much as we can minimize that we are going to take those steps.” said Verley. “The district is wanting a safe surrounding.”

Mission CISD has a limited number of students doing in-person learning, because for them safety is a priority.

“Because as that continues to come down hopefully that will make it a little bit of a safer environment for those students that do come in as while as staff members in the teachers that come in the classroom,” said Verley.

The district is having all employees and students mask up and do all the appropriate steps’ sanitizing, hand washing, disinfecting, and getting everyone screened every single day as they arrive to the building.

Cameron County Health Authority explained how school safety protocols are vital.

“Back face-to-face learning for some students is absolutely necessary that we have to do it in a way that you can keep the schools open. It doesn’t help anybody if you get an outbreak in school and its spreading in school and we have to shut it down again.” said Castillo “So, I think those precautions are not only so people that don’t get sick but allows the schools to do what their supposed to do which is teach and stay open.”

Castillo believes people “grouping” together is what is prompting positive COVID-19 cases within the county.

“We haven’t seen that local yet although our face to face learning has just restarted.” Castillo added, “what we are seeing is more economic activity more people going out restaurants and getting together leads to them getting covid that way.”

Castillo says people should still be taking safety precautions seriously. If the TEA approves Mission CISD request parents will have the option to bring their child to school for in person learning, beginning December 7.

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