MCALLEN, Texas – The city of McAllen has once again been ranked among the safest cities in Texas. That’s according to which conducted a nationwide independent study. Using FBI crime statistics and a metric system producing a city’s safety index score.

Lt. Joel Morales, McAllen Police Department, “It makes it for a better or higher quality of life.  for the people that live work come to school here come shopping.”

McAllen’s ranking came in at 23 out of nearly 3,000 cities with a population of 10,000 or more and the only city ranked in the top 25 with a population more than 140,000.

“We commend the city officials, including the mayor, because they give us the tools, the personnel necessary to conduct our business. Policing McAllen and preventing crime.”

Lt. Joel Morales adds citizens don’t have to fear crime. The department is doing their due diligence in preventing crime and promoting public safety, but says the public must also do their part.

“Simple things. Lock your doors, keep valuables out of sight, turn on your lights be aware of your surroundings.”

Other border cities making the list include Laredo at 77 and El Paso at 84. City officials also adding over the past three decades crime statistics in McAllen have been on a downward trend.