Man’s belongings missing after COVID-19 hospitalization


MCALLEN, Texas (KVEO) — A call for help from a KVEO viewer looking for her loved one’s belongings that went missing after passing away from COVID-19 complications.

“He passed away last Thursday due to COVID-19,” Laura Garcia remembers her uncle and ever since has been fighting for his belongings that have yet to be returned to the family.

“He had his shoes, his wallet, his clothing, his cell phone and other things that he was carrying with him at the time that he went into the hospital. When my family called to get the belongings, they were informed that they didn’t know where his stuff was, that the funeral home should be responsible for having those belongings,” said Garcia.

She worries because it is not only important documents like his social security card missing, the wallet also holds sentimental value and without his documents, it has made the process even harder.

“As it is it’s hard, you don’t get to say bye to your loved ones. You say bye through an iPad and then you’re not even able to get the last thing that was under their possession,” said Garcia.

Garcia called Ceballos Funeral Home in McAllen to ask for the items that she believes may be inside the body bag holding her uncle’s body.

“She said it wasn’t their responsibility and they were not going to get sick in order to get a wallet out or anything that the body had with them,” said Garcia.

KVEO called Ceballos Funeral Home.

A man answered the phone and did not wish to speak to us, hanging up the line.

KVEO called the hospital who assured us they would look into the missing items and would be reaching out to the family to locate the belongings.

“They called me since you called them and the representative for services said they are looking to talk to the staff from ICU and security and they’re trying to resolve the issue now thanks to you,” said Garcia.

The hospital has also offered to send a hospital employee to the funeral home to retrieve the belongings from the body bag if necessary.

Whether it is the hospital or the funeral home, Garcia said she just wants answers.

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