LULAC offering reward to expose border agents who mock refugees


WASHINGTON, D.C. — The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) says a published report by ProPublica reveals thousands of border agents are members of a secret group on Facebook that for the past three years has been openly mocking refugees, undermining members of Congress with derogatory, sexually explicit content and even joking about migrants dying.

LULAC demands that action be taken to get rid of the officers responsible and those who allowed it to happen. “Good, law abiding border patrol and ICE agents should speak out about the abuses and disclose them which is why I am announcing a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest, indictment and conviction of any border patrol or ICE agent who has abused children, migrants or refugees in detention centers and in ICE custody,” stated Garcia.

“LULAC is also calling on the United Nations and the American Red Cross to be allowed to send doctors and refugee observers to inspect all immigrant concentration camps within the next seven days. In addition, LULAC is asking that charges be considered by local District Attorneys in counties where these centers are located, to look at bringing indictments of child abuse and neglect against the agents and their commanders who are involved in these criminal activities. LULAC calls on the Border Patrol National Council to encourage its members to help in these investigations, so those agents who serve honorably and in  many cases have even saved lives of refugees do  not see their own reputations tarnished by others in their ranks who fail to uphold the oaths they have taken,” he concluded.

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