PORT ISABEL, Texas (ValleyCentral) — SpaceX’s test launch is bringing a lot of excitement for students at Port Isabel Junior High School.

Students are taking part in a new curriculum that giving them hands-on knowledge about a rocket launch, including the many aspects of the atmosphere, velocity, different laws and gravity.

STEM students are participating in a SpaceX curriculum, learning about rockets and what makes a successful launch.

“Who knew that humanity could do such amazing things,” Avian Garcia, STEM student at Port Isabel Junior High said.

Students were able to take part in a simulator and even talk about the effects visitors will have on the area.

“I learned about the atmosphere, weight, velocity, how a rocket can go,” Jose Perez, student with Port Isabel Junior High said.

Students also learned about the different people who have teamed up to make a launch happen and where they say at times, some people can go unnoticed.

“It both saddens me and amazes me how things can stay secret for so long especially in the space industry,” Garcia said.

Yet overall, students are excited to view the upcoming launch and are wishing for the best outcome.

“I hope it turns out well and i hope that it brings more people interested in humanity exploring space,” Garcia said.

“I hope this is a really successful launch the reason why is because I want this to inspire other people, around the world maybe it can inspire other people to build more and reach for the stars,” Perez said.