Harlingen police hosts car safety seat inspection, leads community to take action


HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — The Harlingen Police and Fire Departments hosted a car seat safety demo on Thursday to guide parents and caretakers in the right direction of safety. 

Many people buy their children’s car seats second-hand without looking for expiration dates or for defects. 

Harlingen police set up 12 inspection stations where volunteers from a variety of organizations inspected the car seats. 

Any car seat that did not meet a certain safety criterion was confiscated and replaced with a brand new one at no cost. 

“It’s a need. It’s something we need to do to protect the children because they’re the innocent victims here,” said Harlingen PD Sergeant Salvador Carmona.

The expiration dates of the car seats can be located at the bottom or on the back. 

Sgt. Carmona explained that the plastic on the car seats can warp over time which causes the seat to be defective and unsafe. 

“I thought I had everything,” said Mother Patricia Torres. “I read the car seat manual front and back…I actually missed something. I’m very grateful that I came out here today and that they were able to guide me and fix my car seat…now we’re secured and we’re safe.”

Harlingen PD said they will host at least two more car seat demos this year before school starts in the fall.    

The event was held in partnership between Harlingen PF, Harlingen Fire Department, TxDOT, Department Of Public Safety, Drisco’s Hospital Of Corpus Christi, Valley Baptist and the Department of State Health Services.

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