Deceased couple receives stimulus checks


RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas – The 2.2 trillion dollar CARES Act passed congress last month. Now, stimulus checks have hit the accounts of thousands, including people who have passed away.

“They were very good parents they raised me well,” said Karolyn Sanchez.

Her parents died seven months apart starting in 2019.

“He was under a lot of care. My mothers, was severely unexpected she had gotten diagnosed with glioblastoma which is a rare brain cancer and everything just kind of happened too quick,” Sanchez said.

Both her parents died before the pandemic. She became curious when she heard people who died have received stimulus money, so she checked the IRS website herself.

“It did populate that she did receive that check and of course they were using the 2018 tax return,” Sanchez said.

In her parent’s joint account, the government deposited $2,400. That left Sanchez worried a family who needed the money had to wait a little longer.

“That $2,400 could have gone to other individuals who are in dire need of it who were expecting it to be in their accounts right away,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez has both her parent’s death certificates but there’s still not much she can do. The US Treasury Department can’t reverse the money and Sanchez doesn’t have access to her parents account.

“If my mom had been alive with the big heart that she has. If she noticed that this had happen to somebody else even in the family she would’ve said something,” said Sanchez.

The Treasury Department also has a “Do Not Pay” option to help organizations stop payments to people that are ineligible.

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