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Cameron County continues to crack down on COVID-19 violators


HARLINGEN, Texas — Communities across the Rio Grande Valley continue to crackdown on COVID-19 violators not wearing a mask in public.

“So, the order that we implemented will remain in effect. All the orders that we implemented will remain in effect. Those caught violating will continue to be cited,” said Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr.

Treviño is extending the supplemental emergency management order until early May.

“If you are out in public you have to have a mask on. You’re out of your house you have to have a mask on,” he said.

Essential businesses like gas stations are still open.

They do not have a limit on how many people can enter the store but they are following rules by not allowing people in without a mask.

“We’re trying to accommodate but at the same time but speaking to health authorities you sweat or breathing you will continue to express and give that to somebody you may come in contact with,” said Trevino “You need to have it on your person at a bare minimum. Even if you’re not exercising you have to have your facial covered.”

In Cameron County, a fourth person has died from the virus as of Friday.

Treviño urges people to not act prematurely.

“These are very difficult times ladies and gentlemen the scarifies that we’ve asked you to make in the last month and a half, we don’t want to short circuit them by reopening or eliminating any orders or restrictions to quickly,” he said.

Treviño also adds that this is not an attack on people’s rights, but the county has to think of the well-being of the community as a whole.

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