Local Red Cross sending help to Hurricane Dorian victims


HARLINGEN, Texas – The South Texas Red Cross is sending help to the East Coast. As Hurricane Dorian remains a threat to the U.S., hundreds of thousands of people are expected to be affected by this dangerous hurricane.

After slightly dodging Florida, Hurricane Dorian is headed north to the Carolinas. It is expected to bring heavy rainfall and flooding. The Red Cross in Harlingen says they’ve deployed staff to the east coast to aid those affected by the storm.

Dr. David Luna, Red Cross Executive Director, “We sent out four folks to join the many others that are providing assistance in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.”

Nearly 10,000 people are currently in 100 Red Cross shelters in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas according to Dr. Luna. “The duties involve working around in shelters where there are shelters that are open. There are cots, food and water available for individuals that in this case their home might be flood, destroyed.”

The Red Cross is also deploying 110 emergency vehicles from all over the country including Harlingen, which deployed their units last week.

Dr. Luna says, “The trucks go into areas that are safe of course and are able to bring food and water to those individuals that have been affected in a disaster.”

Red Cross estimates about 60,000 people may need help. They say nearly 2,000 trained volunteers from across the country are being deployed along with trailers loaded with relief supplies, blankets, cots, and 63,000 ready to eat meals.

The Red Cross also planning on setting up shelters in the Valley soon following this storm. They say they don’t usually distribute blood to Florida, but they have stocked up hospitals in the southeast with enough blood if needed.

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