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Local organization continues to help incoming migrants at bus station


MCALLEN, Texas — President Trump announcing his plans to deport millions of undocumented immigrants starting next week. Honduran migrants say rather than focusing on deportation, the president should reach an agreement with the Honduran government to stop the flow of immigrants.

“If the president really wants to deport all of us then he should create better conditions where we live because that’s misery.”

Ruben Sevilla, a Honduran migrant, says President Trump should start by helping Honduras become a better country by creating jobs. Assuring that would stop thousands from coming to the United States.

“Nobody wants to come from Honduras to the United States to risk our kids our family but the need to survive brings you here.” Says Sevilla.

He adds no one in Honduras wants to migrate but are forced due to the misery their country is in. While the president works towards removing immigrants, organizations like Angry Tias and Abuelas are helping them get to their destination.

Alisson Wolvertine, Angry Tias and Abuelas, “We help them understand their legal paperwork which is printed in English. We help show them on a map where they’re going, explain their bus tickets, how they’re going to change when they get to the different stations. If they’re going to New York, they’re going to have to change busses 3 or 4 times. I think we really take it for granted cause it’s a system we’ve grown up with but they don’t speak English and the bus system might be different from where they’re coming from.”

Wolvertine adds migrants need lots of support from something as big as understanding court orders to small things like.
“The bathrooms are free, well in their country they have to pay to use the restrooms so they might not even go and so we just tell them these things that seem basic to us but are super important to someone that’s not from here.”

Volunteers with the organization say they help over 500 immigrants in a lapse of 8 hours daily. They also say they will continue to provide assistance at the McAllen Bus station as needed.

The organization also helps migrants seek legal assistance and provides them with a map of the U.S., highlighting the state they’re headed to in case they get lost.

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